5. Alternatives

If you do not like using a package there are alternate methods to call Quicklisp functions from FriCAS.

5.1 quickLoad in startup file

The startup file for FriCAS now is called .fricas.input and should be located in your home directory. If not, you will have to create it. Add the code below to this startup file and you may load packages by quickLoad "package-name":

)set mess type off
quickLoad(p) ==
  systemCommand("lisp (load _"~/quicklisp/setup_")")
  systemCommand(concat ["lisp (ql::quickload _"",string p,"_")"])
)set mess type on

There is, however, a caveat that has already been noted in the previous section. More about it can be found in the FriCAS FAQ, FAQ 35. Do not be confused by the name .axiom.input, this was the former name of .fricas.input. Actually, it is still admissible if the latter does not exist.

5.2 )lisp ...

Of course, one always may use the system commands )lisp or )fin to call the Quicklisp functions directly. Note, however, that you must call the setup function before calling any Quicklisp function:

)lisp (load "~/quicklisp/setup")

Now we can call any Quicklisp function as described here.